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Isn’t ‘K.A.N.U’ era slowly revisiting?

First and foremost I wanna take each and every opportunity to thank the Communication Authority of Kenya for reminding us of something very unique but so bitter to swallow. If any one can flash back, you can definitely tell when the government would only air what was deemed ‘fit’ for the public. Many things during that time went not aired depriving Kenyans a chance to know what transpired and at what times. And today, sad enough, history has repeated itself exactly as it used to be in those ancient times. In fact nobody could believe that Communication Authority body would mess up Kenyans just as they did. Not only in as far as live streaming the NASA event is concerned, but also the normal running of the programs.

Let us begin here. Why would they go to an extent of pulling down frequencies for T.V stations? What is it that they didn’t want Kenyans to see? According to my perception, I thought in fact NASA conducted themselves in a very mature way. Theirs was only to go to Uhuru Park and conduct their occasion like any other group. I don’t think they had intended to interrupt anyone. But then what have we witnessed in the past few days? Could be Uhuru Park has been closed for “renovations”, could be the police haven’t been notified about any meeting by NASA, and so many other stories in fact you end up worrying which story to buy and which to drop. So it was obvious that attempts were being made to totally bar the group from accessing the grounds.

Could this idea of switching off frequencies have been reached when they realized that no excuse about access to Uhuru Park would put off the NASA people? Only ‘he’ who came up with the idea knows better. So to the C.A.K, we as voiceless Kenyans say thank you for your dictatorial act. They do say “mnyonge hana haki,” a Swahili say which brought its true meaning today. But how I wish that we don’t punish the normal civilian attempting to silence our antagonists, under whichever capacity anyway. There are better and more mature ways of solving the stalemate. Actually, it is only that we are too blind not to explore other and better mechanisms to solve this once and for all.

It is so obvious that when two bulls are fighting, only the grass which will get hurt. Let us literally take the government and the opposition as the bulls. Isn’t it that the normal mwananchi becomes the recipient of all dire consequences? My urge to the government and the opposition, kindly look for a better way to end the wrangles. The more we keep on weighing strength, the more our economy is deteriorating. I am sorry to say this that we should not learn it the hard way when it becomes like the ‘Rwanda genocide.’ Almost over 20 years down the line but still the impact sounds like yesterday to any Rwandese who was there during then. I would wish not to see people sail in their own blood for mistakes which would have been easily corrected by patriots who love their country. I rest my case.



One Nation, Different People…

So, I have been quite silent not because I chose to be dump, but because am surprised from the way things are being conducted. Just but the other day, when we were torn apart on whether to go for presidential repeat elections or not. On the eve of the material day, the verdict could not be ruled. Reason, the judges’ quorum was not enough to rule on the subject matter. It all begun the day before the eve of repeat elections when the driver to the deputy C.J was shot and injured. Who knows what the assailants had in mind? So yesterday there we were “celebrating” the victory for one of the contestants. All some could afford to do is to burn car tyres claiming that they were burning the opponents to their winners.

So my greatest worry is whether this is the best way victory can be celebrated. Are we just but seated to cheer our imminent end?

From worse to worst…

What was only viewed as something so minor when NaSA colleagues threatened to boycott the elections. It was not greeted with such a greater concern until the coalition came up openly to issue its stand on 10.10.2017 that they won’t involve themselves in the just about-to-be elections in about two-weeks time. So the dilemma is whether there will be elections or just selection with only Uhuru Kenyatta on ballot. So what is the next episode? What does the IEBC have to say now that the constitution is binding?

Will you? Me am torn apart…

Yes. I was at first relieved when it was said that the presidential elections were nullified. Why? This would give me an assurance that no post-election violence would be witnessed. Secondly, it would mean that once more and ever in history, Kenyans would have a chance to exercise their democratic right once again. But then the presidential re-elections would on the other side mean a burden to the taxpayers. A total of Ksh12.2bn going into waste in just a matter of hours. Forget about the Ksh12.2bn and think of that lot claiming to boycott elections if their demands are not met. What would happen if the elections were not to happen despite all that cost? Do we buy the idea of reinstating the then president whose victory was overturned? Will the opposition petition afresh for boycotting the elections? A question which has no one to answer.

Kenya my motherland…

It has reached a point whereby I feel like denouncing my country Kenya. When I hear of the term Kenya I am taken aback. Who on earth would want to see the nudity of their mother? Then why should I gaze at the nudity of my country Kenya? Why should one value themselves more than their country? If this isn’t selfishness, then what do we call it? Why should the ignorance of just a few cost the taxpayer like Ksh 12.2bn in the name of messed-up presidential elections? Where are the leaders who used to mind about the economy of their countries? Shall we ever have patriots like the late Nelson Mandela?


There we were August standing in long queues and probably under hot weather. Reason? Each willing voter was so eager to execute their democratic right. After so much assurance that there would be free, fair and credible elections, each Kenyan was rallying behind their favorite politician. Hardly a fortnight before the major event, we had Chris Musando murdered. Who was Chris Musando to begin with? Musando was one amongst the few IT experts set to man the KIEMs kits. These are the gadgets which would be used during the election exercise ensuring no rigging at all. Why did Musando have to die? Simply because he had the very secret passwords barring access to the IEBC servers. So definitely from the excessive torture that the late underwent before being killed is evident enough that he could have been reluctant, to spitting a somehow crucial information that the killers sought. We don’t know though but we are just speculating. This is due to the malpractices that marred the election results transmission. This was after emerging that there were some hackers who attempted accessing the IEBC servers for reasons known best to them. To date, the hackers still remain unidentified and chances are that it will remain so. After whoever won was sworn-in late at night, that would mark the journey to court. If I may call it, a litmus test for Chief Justice David Maraga, the just elected successor to former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga. Who knows what could have possibly prompted Willy Mutunga’s resignation? Was it possibly because he was not ready to chair another petition like he did in 2013? Maybe he know’s better. The petition filed by the opposition party NASA would serve a bench of Seven judges sleepless nights with attempts to dig deeper and establish or not to nullify the presidential election. With every upon the Supreme Court, a suspense would be created about the unknown ruling. And on 1st September, 2017, word would have it that there would be a presidential election run-off. It was news greeted with various reactions by various supporters, but then what would else have been done about such an exercise with so much issues. Now, with like almost 36 days to the next presidential election, do we expect the same mistakes to be encountered? Bearing in mind that the run-off will cost the taxpayer up-to 12.2 billion, an amount which could have been channeled to other development programme. So, who is to blame over all this? Date 17th October, 2017 will place Kenya into history becoming the 3rd country in the world to repeat elections after Austria and Ukraine. Have a busy time as you prepare to go back to the ballot after about a month’s time. Justin Nzioka is a media student at Kenyatta University. (@nziokajustin/ nziokajustin2000@gmail.com)